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Alyssa Harding

Alyssa Harding, Queen Bee

"Bells and whistles are great, but not every Web site needs them. I'd much rather build a beautiful, functional site that meets the specific needs and goals of my clients than blow time and budget showing off my tricks!"

Alyssa is power-packed, combining marketing and design savvy, killer technical know-how, and not-to-be-messed-with organization and project management skills. She believes in clean, maintainable code that looks great on the page. Her background in systems administration makes her a master infrastructure wrangler: She can design, secure, and maintain the systems behind Web sites--including complex databases—with one arm tied behind her back.

When she's not busy building Web sites that go-go-go, Alyssa enjoys creating delectable cupcake confections, sewing, knitting, painting, and keeping her two little bees busy!