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Our Process is so Easy, You'll Buzz with Delight!

We know that building a Web site can be a daunting experience for many, but don't worry. Here are the "A-Bee-Cs" of how we work.

Getting to know you

sticky note...getting to know all about you, Basically making you feel like the subject of a Rogers and Hammerstein musical. The point is that we listen carefully to your business needs and ideas. We get to know your likes and dislikes. We take a lot of notes about this.

colorful pinwheelNext, we combine your information with our marketing and Web craftiness and our heaps of experience to develop a dazzling (and FREE!) estimate for a solution that will help you achieve your goals. Sometimes that means a completely new image and website and sometimes your existing site just needs a makeover and some new threads.

Getting to work

This is the fun part―where we really get buzzin'!

  • red toolbox1. Setup
    First, we set up the basics, like your [domain name], [hosting], [merchant accounts], [security certificates (SSL)], [database], and [content management systems (CMS)]. We only give you what you need. Our goal is to meet your goals, not sell you lots of stuff you won't use. Next, we'll define the [site structure], and how the content will be arranged on the pages.

  • color swatches2. Design & Copy
    Based on our knowledge of your business needs and your goals, we weave together design and [copy]. Over the course of several review cycles, you'll tell us what you like (and what you don't!), and the result will show you a final, 2D picture of how your pages will look, and what they will say.

  • magic hat3. Production & Testing
    This is when the programming magic happens. Our wicked-smart developers slice and dice designs, write programming code, test browser compatibility, and make sure all the links and other functionality work perfectly. We pay attention to every small detail!

  • rocket launching4. Launch
    This is what you've been waiting for. Once all testing is completed and we receive your final approval, we push the launch button and unleash your new site on the Web!

Taking great care of you

Once your site is up and running, we will be here for you as much—or as little—as you'd like. Here are the details:

The first 6 months of site maintenance is included with every project we do. Then, whether you want us to continue maintaining your site, or you want to update the content yourself, we're here to help.

  • well-maintained houseIf you want us to be in charge of the care and feeding of your site, we will! Under your direction, we'll set up a schedule for content updates, and we'll always make sure your site is customer-ready!
  • laptopIf you prefer to update your site yourself, we can set up an easy-to-use tool that you can use to update your site like a pro.