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We Offer Honey Bunches of Great Services

From basic design to newsletters and hosting, our worker bees are ready to build a solution just for you!

We buzz with happiness when we help small businesses get solutions to meet their unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about Little Bee Productions!

New Websites

Let us help you stay ahead of your competition―we'll work with you to develop a snappy site that will attract your target customers, and help you meet your business goals. We speak WordPress, Blogger, and Content Management System.

We can do everything from [domain name registration] to setting up [merchant accounts] for e-commerce. We can even provide [web hosting]. You can choose to [maintain your finished site yourself] or we can do it for you!

Website Hosting

It's so easy to host your site with the big guys but it's also so easy to overpay for hosting with the big guys. They show you a purposefully confusing account management page to lure you into buying more services than you need.

With our small business hosting services, you get only what you need so you don't have to wade through choices that don't make any sense. Add to that a real, live person you can call whenever you have a question or a problem and you've got a simple solution that you don't have to worry about.

Website Redesigns

Is your site ready for a little facelift? Forget the creams and potions--let us make your site beautiful! We'll update your look and nobody will ever guess your site's real age!

We start with a [website analysis] and create a customized plan for getting your site back on track.