A party services company called Bunnies for Birthdays wanted to re-brand and integrate a new scheduling package.

Bunnies for Birthdays was a very successful party services company in the greater Seattle area. They would bring juvenile rabbits to your party and allow you and your guests to hold the bunnies and play with them. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the business closed in 2016.

The re-brand was needed because the business outgrew the “birthday” part of its name. College students, company picnics, community events, and retirement homes all wanted to pet the bunnies! Bunny Wonder better captured the spirit of what the company had become.
Little Bee Productions was contracted to do market analysis, trademark research, logo design and website redesign.

Scheduling Package:
Due to the unique service nature of this business, scheduling was a crucial business tool. As the company grew, it needed a scheduling system that could keep up with the complicated pricing structure (based on distance and incorporating surge pricing) and allow customers to request a party time slot online. Little Bee Productions recommended Vonigo field service software and implemented the system over a period of 4 months. We trained the staff in how to use the system and remained on call to help with any initial confusion or hiccups.