A regional chapter of an international non-profit dedicated to education around pre-17th century life and culture needed a new look with members-only area and collaborative events calendar.

The Kingdom of An Tir is a regional chapter of The Society for Creative Anachronism, an international non-profit organization. It is completely run by volunteers.

Beginning in September of 2018 I took on the volunteer role of regional Webmaster. It was a role I was uniquely suited for with my background in PHP, HTML, and JavaScript. The region was having trouble with its legacy website which had been built circa 2001 and was still in use. A critical server hardware failure had forced a migration to a different server but database upgrades on the new platform coupled with missing custom libraries left the site completely broken. I was able to assess the damage, comment out the missing libraries and bring back the database-driven content. However, all self-service updates were broken due to old PHP code that was incompatible with the new MySQL version. The organization wanted to redesign the website for years but the project was never a high enough priority and/or within the skill set of the volunteer webmaster.

Events Management System:
The Kingdom of An Tir’s membership plans and organizes approximately 400 events per year in the region which encompasses Oregon, Washington, Northern Idaho, and most of British Columbia. Members rely on the calendar to plan their participation in the group.

The group needed a robust events management system to replace the custom one they were using. The system needed to be able to handle user event submission, approval workflow, multiple authors, and front-end user event editing. I led a focus group with key users and administrators and we settled on a required features list. A best-fit plugin was chosen and customized to meet the needs of the group.

The new events page can be viewed here

The legacy site was written in PHP and although mostly database driven, required PHP knowledge to update many pages. Redesigning the website in WordPress made sense for an organization that uses a rotating staff of volunteers to keep content updated.

The redesigned site can be viewed here.